About Gran-Park-Rollag Lutheran

Rollag Lutheran Church organized March 25, 1898 in Good Templar Hall in Tansem Township with nineteen original members.

Services were held in schools, town halls, and private homes until 1899 when the congregation of Grong Lutheran Church offered their building for services and other meetings.


Rollag Church was names after Rollag Church of Rollag, Numedal Norway – from which many of the pioneers in the area came from.


Rev. S. G. Hauge was installed as the first called pastor in Rollag on August 12, 1900.

The Rollag cemetery was dedicated in 1902. Additions were made in 1908, 1926 and 1960.

The annual confirmation service on October 16, 1904 was the first service in Rollag Church.

On September 2, 1910 the church burned to the ground as a result of a lightning strike.


A new $7000 church building was dedicated on June 9, 1913.


Twenty-six young men entered the military service in World War I and 54 men and two women served in World War II.


What is now known as Luther League was first organized in 1914 as Rollag Young People’s Society and then re-organized and named Rollag Luther League in 1935. 


Electricity came to Rollag in 1947 and lights were first enjoyed at the Christmas tree festival.


The Rebecca Circle served from a tent at the first “Steamer Hill”.


The S. G. Hauge Educational Building was added to the church and dedicated in June 1963.


The Lindgren addition, making the church handicap accessible was dedicated in 1999. 


Rollag (as part of a parish) has called nine pastors: Rev. S. G. Hauge, Rev. Maynard Stokka, Rev. Alfred Wiger, Rev. Milo Gudim, Rev. Clifford Hoper, Rev. Phil Fenton, Rev. Mark Wangberg, Rev. Scott McLauglin, Rev. Linda Tenneson, Rev. James Greene.

Rollag has had two “sons” ordained into the ministry – Rev. Duane Nelson and Rev. Larry Nelson. In addition, Ida Olson and Larry Swenson have served in the missionary field.

Several groups from have ministered through music and testimony including a quartet that performed around 1914 and later an octet, the Rollag Quartet, The Soul Seekers, the Grace Notes, TABS, youth and adult choirs and the Sunday School.

Vacation bible school has been held in many ways – years ago it was a week long day event. Playing softball at noon and buying a treat at the Rollag Store was a highlight for many.

As a member of the Gran-Park-Rollag parish we are three churches – one ministry: To celebrate, share and show God’s love.

Our Heritage

Norwegian immigrants settling in the area formed Rollag Lutheran Church over 110 years ago.

One of the stewardship projects we support is serving meals at a local attraction every Labor Day weekend. The funds raised from this project are used to support charities, building or improvement projects, and local citizens in need.

The most satisfying aspect of this project is working together with your fellow members. Friendships developed while working together have lasted a lifetime.

During the winter months, members join together on a weekly basis and make quilts. These quilts are sent overseas to nations in need. Besides the quilts, many stewardship projects, such as School Kits, Health Kits, Layettes, and good used clothing are also sent. At the beginning of each December, gifts are gathered and sent to a local hospital for distribution.